Men are generally happier in life than women, particularly when it comes to their appearance, new research has found.

  A detailed study into 12 aspects of modern life found men experience higher levels of happiness in seven of them, including salary, appearance and body shape.

  Women's scores were higher than men in the love life, family life and sex life categories.

  Overall, the average adult rates their current happiness level at an encouraging 64 percent.

  The study, commissioned by Benenden Health, also found the typical woman's happiness scored highly in general health and their living location.

  Other areas in which men emerged as happier than the opposite sex were career prospects, 'how other people see you', finances and job security.

  The biggest barrier to feeling content in day-to-day life was money worries, which affected 46 percent of respondents.

  In fact, it would take just £132 extra a month for the average person to make ends meet and dramatically improve their overall happiness.

  The researchers say this proves it's not just a big windfall that would help increase the average person's outlook on life, but in fact a relatively modest sum.

  Eating a better diet, a job that is more satisfying and finally shaking a long term injury or illness all featured in the top 10 wishes for a brighter outlook.

  More reassurance from the boss, spending more time with family and good performance from sports teams also featured in the list.

  Interestingly, the younger generation seemed less upbeat overall and were most likely to say their outlook has become gloomier in recent times.

  This trend rises directly with age, with the under 25s most likely to say their perspective on life has become more negative and the over 55s least likely to feel their optimism has declined.














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