Feng Zhe of China claimed gold with a score of 15.966 in the parallel bars Olympic final.
  German Marcel Nguyen scored 15.800 to earn a silver, with Hamilton Sabot’s 15.566 winning France a bronze.
  Zhang Chenglong made a mistake in his routine and garnered only 13.808 points to end up ninth in the final.
  Deng Linlin won the women’s beam to secure the second Olympic gymnastics gold medal of her career and China’s 33rd at London 2012.
  The 20-year-old, who finished on 15.600 points, led the event from start to finish after pre-Olympic favourite Gabrielle Douglas fell, finishing last.
  World champion Sui Lu of China won silver with 15.500 while America’s Alexandra Raisman was awarded bronze.
  China’s women have won team gold at London 2012 after a dominant display against opponents Japan.
  New women’s individual champion Li Xiaoxia started with a hard-fought win, overpowering 23-year-old Ai Fukuhara in four games: 11-6 9-11 11-2 11-5.
  新科奥运单打冠军李晓霞首战收到日本名将福原爱的挑战,但仍以11-6 9-11 11-2 11-5.获胜。
  The next singles match was more straightforward for China, with Ding Ning defeating Japanese teenager Kasumi Ishikawa in three games. In the doubles match China’s pairing overcame Japan in four to take gold.
  Little separated Zakharov, 21, and China’s Kai Qin heading into the last round, but the Russian delivered the highest score of the day with his final routine to total 555.90.
  Kai Qin took silver with 541.75, while defending champion He Chong (524.15) was forced to settle for bronze. Prior to the final, China had won each of the previous five events - collecting six medals in the process.
  刘翔跟腱撕裂摔倒退赛 单脚跳向终点赢得全场掌声
  Former champion Liu Xiang’s Olympic misery continued when the Chinese athlete crashed at the first barrier in the 110m hurdles heats.
  Feng Shuyong, the head coach of the Chinese athletics team, said: "I feel really sorry about this situation. We think it was like four years ago. The same thing happened again."
  Great Britain’s Andy Turner, who finished third behind Liu in Daegu, won the heat in 13.42secs before helping the stricken athlete from the track.
  Turner said: "I regard him as probably the best hurdler in history and have so much respect for him. It was horrible seeing him limp off like that, so you have to go and help people.
  World number one Aries Merritt, from the United States, said: "It’s just a tragedy for that to happen to one of the best hurdlers of all time.
  2004 champion Xiang, whose hopes of home success at the Beijing 2008 Olympics were ruined by injury, left the arena in a wheelchair.

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