别树一帜的格拉斯哥Glasgow - Scotland with Style 格拉斯哥——这座苏格兰最大的城市历经戏剧化的起伏跌宕,目前正在进行一场城市复兴。在大英帝国时期,格拉斯哥号称帝国第二大城市。这里不仅出产轮船,还是众多伟大思想家验证其理论的场所。但是到了20世纪中叶,这个城市却因其贫民窟而臭名昭著。一位建筑专家曾说:"格拉斯哥唯一需要的,就是一次沐浴和一点点关爱。"今天,这两者它都得到了——这里不仅有时髦的商店和蓬勃发展的文化生活,还有各具特色的餐厅。格拉斯哥不愧为苏格兰最令人激动的城市!  Glasgow was a carefully planned Victorian city, and thanks to a successful 20th century redevelopment, the splendour[光彩壮丽] of the city has been brought to life once again. Today, Glasgow attracts more visitors than Edinburgh, a goal not dreamed possible by even the most optimistic[乐观的] a few years ago.格拉斯哥是一座经过精心规划的维多利亚式城市。经过20世纪的一次成功重建,这座城市得以重现昔日的辉煌。如今,格拉斯哥吸引的游客比爱丁堡还多。要是在几年前,即使是最乐观的人也不敢想象能够实现这个目标。 Fully half of Scotland's population lives in Glasgow, which has long been famous for its shipbuilding. The port of Greenock was the birthplace of many ocean-going[远洋航行的] liners[邮轮], including the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth.苏格兰有一半人口住在以造船闻名的格拉斯哥。格里诺克港是许多远洋轮船的诞生地,包括"玛丽女王号"和"伊丽莎白女王号"。 The site Glasgow now inhabits[存在于] was originally chosen by St. Mungo for his church 1400 years ago. In 1136 a cathedral[大教堂] was built over his remains. Although the original burned down in 1192, the present cathedral was rebuilt soon after. The tomb of St. Mungo is in the crypt[教堂地下室], where a light always burns. This is Scotland's only netplete Medieval[中世纪的] cathedral.格拉斯哥的所在地原是1400年前圣蒙戈的教堂选址。1136年,人们于圣蒙戈的遗骨上修建了一座大教堂。虽然这座教堂在1192年被烧毁,但不久之后便得以重建,也就是现在这座教堂。圣蒙戈墓位于地下室,那里有一盏长明灯。这是苏格兰唯一一座保存完整的中世纪大教堂。 George Square is the location of the City Chambers[会议厅], opened by Queen Victoria in 1888. Here, too, are impressive statues of Sir Walter Scott注1, Victoria and her beloved Albert注2, and the Poet Laureate注3 of Scotland Robert Burns注4.乔治广场是市政厅所在地,由维多利亚女王于1888年启用。这里同样有沃尔特·斯科特爵士、维多利亚和她心爱的艾伯特、苏格兰桂冠诗人罗伯特·彭斯等人令人印象深刻的雕像。  Glasgow University is one of Europe's oldest and finest institutions[公共机构] of higher learning. Founded by Scottish King James II in 1451, it put Glasgow on the intellectual[有智力的] map, and was a centre of the Enlightenment注5 in Scotland. It was moved to its present location on Gilmour Hill in the 1870s. It's home to splendid[辉煌的] museums and art collections and remains one of Glasgow's most famous attractions.格拉斯哥大学由苏格兰国王詹姆斯二世于1451年建立,是欧洲最古老、最优秀的高等学府之一。它令格拉斯哥在学智的地图上占有一席之地,一度是苏格兰启蒙运动的中心。19世纪70年代,格拉斯哥大学迁至位于吉尔莫山上的现址。这里有瑰丽的博物馆及艺术藏品,一直以来都是格拉斯哥最有名的景点之一。 The Burrell Collection is the single most popular tourist attraction in Scotland. Sir William Burrell was a wealthy ship owner with a passion for fine art. Upon his death, he donated his entire 8,000 piece collection of world-class masterpieces to the City of Glasgow.伯勒尔收藏馆是苏格兰最受欢迎的旅游景点。威廉·伯勒尔爵士是一名热爱艺术的富有船东。他在临终前将自己总共8000件世界级的杰作藏品捐给了格拉斯哥市。 Visitors can browse[随意观看] through exhibits of the highest-quality furniture, textiles, ceramics[陶瓷制品], stained glass[彩色玻璃], silver, tapestry[织锦,挂毯], sculptures and paintings, especially 19th century French works.游客可以在此欣赏各种顶级家具、纺织品、陶瓷、彩色玻璃、银器、挂毯、雕塑和绘画,尤其是19世纪的法国作品。 Glasgow is also the perfect centre from which to explore Robert Burns country. Located in scenic Ayrshire, Alloway is full of Burns associations[联系]. Poetic pilgrims[朝圣者] can visit Burns's birthplace, museum and monument. The atmospheric[有艺术氛围的] old Kirk[苏格兰教堂] is both the resting place of Burns's father and another of the locales[场所] featured in Robert Burns's poetry.格拉斯哥也是探访罗伯特·彭斯故乡的最佳起点。阿洛韦镇坐落在风景秀丽的艾尔郡,这里到处都能见到与彭斯有关的景物。来朝圣的诗歌迷可以拜访彭斯的出生地、博物馆和纪念碑。艺术氛围浓厚的阿洛韦老教堂是彭斯父亲的安息之地,同时也出现在罗伯特·彭斯的诗歌里。 Culzean Castle is a magnificent home that was donated to the National Trust for Scotland in 1945. The views alone are worth the visit as it looks out over the lovely Firth[河口湾] of Clyde. The castle itself is a treasure trove[珍藏物] of historic interest. It was designed by renowned architect Robert Adams and has many unique design elements that reflect his talents. After World War II, then General Eisenhower注6 was given a guest apartment here for life in gratitude[感激] for his service as Allied[同盟国的] Commander. An exhibit of Eisenhower memorabilia[值得纪念的事物] is still shown. Eisenhower particularly loved the world-famous golf courses of Turnberry and Troon, which are nearby.卡尔津城堡是一座宏伟的宅邸,于1945年被捐赠给苏格兰国家信托。此处的风景本身便值得一游,因为它正好俯视着美丽的克莱德河湾。城堡也是一座历史古迹的宝库。它由著名建筑师罗伯特· 亚当斯设计,具有许多展现其才华的独特设计元素。二战之后,此处的一所公寓被赠予当时的艾森豪威尔将军作为终身客居,以感谢他作为盟军司令所作出的贡献。现在仍有艾森豪威尔的纪念品在此展出。艾森豪威尔特别喜欢附近闻名世界的特恩贝里和特伦的高尔夫球场。 Legendary Loch[(苏格兰语)湖] Lomond, with its "bonny[漂亮的], bonny banks," is the largest and most beautiful of the Scottish lakes. The wild highland area to the east and northeast of the loch has been dubbed[授予称号] "The Trossachs." These areas are said to contain the finest scenery in all of Scotland. Its beauty, history and romance was brought to the world's attention by Sir Walter Scott as he immortalized[使不朽] the area in his Rob Roy and The Lady of the Lake.传奇的洛蒙德湖有着"美丽,美丽的堤岸",是苏格兰最大、最美的湖泊。位于湖东部和东北部的旷野高原地区被称为"特罗萨克斯",据说这里有全苏格兰最美丽的风景。沃尔特·斯科特爵士在(小说)《罗布·罗伊》和(诗歌)《湖夫人》中铭刻下这片地区,让全世界见识到此地的美丽、历史和浪漫。 This famous lake and others around it can be enjoyed from the deck[甲板] of a classic steamer[汽船], from the seat of a bicycle, or in a rustic[乡村的] canoe. Many charming little towns dot the shores of Loch Lomond. The picturesque[如画的] village of Luss has distinctive stone cottages lining the water's edge.你可以从一艘古典轮船的甲板上、自行车的座椅上,又或者在一条乡村独木舟上享受这个著名的湖泊以及周围其他湖泊的美景。洛蒙德湖岸边点缀着许多迷人的小镇。在风景如画的拉斯村,别具一格的石屋排列在湖边。 With so much watery beauty in this region, it shouldn't nete as a surprise that water plays a part in local tastes and traditions. Gelengoyne Distillery[酿酒厂] is nestled[坐落在] in the Kempsey Hills, a location chosen for its proximity[接近] to a water source and for the lay of the land. As any visitor can attest[证明], the highland malt[麦芽] whiskey distilled here pays delicious tribute to the heritage of fine Scotch.这一地区有如此多美丽的水景,水在当地的口味和传统里占有举足轻重的地位也就不足为奇了。格兰戈尼酿酒厂静静地藏身在肯普西山,选址于此是因为它靠近一处水源,而且地势优越。任何访客都可以证明,这里酿造的高原麦芽威士忌是对上等苏格兰威士忌这一遗产的美味礼赞。 Just as famous as Scotch whiskey is Scottish wool. At the Wool Centre, you can learn all about the traditional skills that are used to create the high quality cloth. From shepherds[牧羊犬] in the field to spinning and weaving, the process is presented in entertaining and informative[提供资讯的] fashion.和苏格兰威士忌同样出名的还有苏格兰的羊毛。在羊毛中心,你可以了解到制造优质布料的各项传统技能。从旷野里的牧羊犬到纺织,该中心以充满娱乐性和知识性的方式向人们展示了整个过程。 From the rich traditions of local life to the beauty of moor[沼地], mountain and lake, this part of Scotland is the stuff of legends, of poems, songs and books. It's also dear to the heart of every noble Scotsman. 从当地丰富的传统生活,到美丽的沼地、高山和湖泊,苏格兰的这片地区有着众多传说、诗歌、歌曲和书籍,也是每一位品德高尚的苏格兰人珍爱的宝藏。  注1:沃尔特·斯科特(1771-1832),苏格兰作家及诗人,19世纪最出名的英国作家。 注2:指维多利亚女王(1819-1901)和她的丈夫——德国王子艾伯特。1861年艾伯特的突然去世给她造成巨大而持久的心灵伤痛。 注3:桂冠诗人是由英国国王或女王终身任命为王室成员的诗人,过去被要求写诗来庆贺国事大典和颂扬王室。 注4:罗伯特·彭斯(1759-1796),苏格兰诗人。 注5:启蒙运动是指在18世纪初至1789年法国大革命期间的一个新思维不断涌现的时代,与理性主义等一起构成一个较长的文化运动时期。 注6:德怀特·戴维·艾森豪威尔(Dwight David Eisenhower,1890-1969),美国陆军五星上将和第34任总统。第二次世界大战期间,他担任盟军在欧洲的最高指挥官。

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